Wild N Sweet Touche De Classe a.k.a Preston (Canadian Import)

Preston screened normal for HCM on the 11/05/2017 by Dr Luca Ferasin of Highcroft Veterinary Hospital in Bristol. 

Introducing our latest addition to the Bluelagoon family is our amazing new stud boy 'Preston'. Preston or Presty as he's affectionately known has come from one of the best catteries in the whole world. When he arrived from Canada, he greeted us with non stop purring, a truly wonderful boy from the get go! He has an amazing solid bone structure and already a very muscular body, he was so big for his age he looked like a full adult. Presty's type is phenomenal, very small ears, straight profile and yummy whisker pads. His coat is superb, super tight with gorgeous black outlined clear rosettes. He carries for blue, snow lynx & non agouti. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sabrina of Wild N Sweet Bengals in Canada for entrusting us with this special boy. Preston's father is ~  Sherakan Mighty Gladiator Mother ~ Silvercastle Calypso (pics below of the parents)

Preston is Pk Def N/N 
PRA-b Normal

Wild N Sweet Touche De Classe a.k.a Preston

Preston's Father ~ Sherakan Mighty Gladiator

Preston's mother ~ Silvercastle Calypso