Bluelagoon Pandora

Pandora was screened for HCM on 16/12/15 and she is normal. Test performed by Dr Girish Thakral MRCVS BVSc AH Cert VC

Introducing Bluelagoon Pandora, who is our latest keeper girl from Chanel & Rocky. Pandora is a blue sheeted marble, I personally love marbles for their amazing soft silky coats, very beneficial when you are striving to improve coat quality.  Effectively sheeted marbles are one huge rosette, sheeted marbles are usually added to breeding programmes because they are renown for producing huge rosetted kittens with amazing contrast.  We are excited to see what Pandora will give us when she is 'married' to Rockford our USA imported boy who carries blue too.
She is PK def N/N by parentage. She is a PRA-b carrier.

Diamonds are forever of Bluelagoon (mother)

Elysor Diamond Rocks of Bluelagoon (father)