Versace Crystal Noir a.k.a Malika

Introducing our latest queen for 2018 Bellator Versace Crystal Noir a.k.a Malika. Malika was bred by our very good friends at Bellator Bengals. As you can see she's a total show stopper! Not only does she have an amazing soft silky coat, she has beautiful big black outlined rosettes. I simply love her warm, rich colouration so paired with Preston we should produce a mix of warm red browns as well as cool browns. Her nature is superb, and she is already fussing over kittens, so I think will be a natural mommy when the time is right. Her type is wonderful due to the combination of many great lines including Andina Bengals, Pantherabengals, Regal cats and of course the legendary Elysor Bengals. Malika may carry the snow and charcoal gene so who knows? Could we produce our very first charcoal here at Bluelagoon, time will tell 😉 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Juan & Michael Mellor of Bellator Bengals for entrusting us with this special girl 💙


Elysor Ottoman of Bellator Bengals (father) Canadian import

Regal cats jujubee of Bellator Bengals (mother)