Elysor Ameera of Bluelagoon (Canadian Import)

Ameera screened normal for HCM on the 11/05/2017 by Dr Luca Ferasin of Highcroft Veterinary Hospital in Bristol. (This is her 2nd screening)

Introducing our new breeding queen, Elysor Ameera of Bluelagoon (Elysor Sonic Boom x Elysor Splash of Heaven). We decided to buy another queen from the very elite cattery in Montreal Canada, 'Elysor Bengals.' Our blue boy of course is also from Elysor, so we knew we were going to get a Bengal kitten with an amazing personality, with rosettes to die for. To add to this, she is very special because she carries for blue, snow and non - agouti :-)

We are so excited to see this young lady develop, hopefully when the time is right she will give us some beautiful babies in all colours, blue, snow and brown ;)

I will add more pics when she has settled more. I have a small video of her the day she arrived from Canada, you can see how quickly she adapted to her new surrounding in literally a few hours....

Many thanks to Elena of Elysor Bengals for entrusting us with this spectacular girl.

Ameera is PK def N/N by parentage. Ameera is PRA-b Normal