Welcome to Bluelagoon Bengals.

  • HCM screened cattery. (Tests performed at Langford vets in Bristol)   
  • Tritrichomonas Foetus - Negative (QPCR tests performed at Langford Diagnostic Laboratories) last tested February 2016.
  • All of our kittens & their mums are raised in our home ensuring they are happy, healthy and well socialised
  • Fel/Fiv negative cattery.
  • Tica registered cattery.
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About us

Hello and thank you for visiting the new website of Bluelagoon Bengals based in the West Midlands.

We are small hobby breeders who aim to specialise in the beautiful blue Bengal, we purchased our first blue Bengal “Millie” in March 2009 as a pet and she is the inspiration behind our breeding programme.

We currently have a stunning seal mink rosetted girl from Scotland & a spectacular blue rosetted girl from Germany. Rosie will be the foundation of our Brown and Snow and Chanel will give us some amazing blues.

All of our Bengal cats and their kittens will be raised in the home resulting in happy, healthy and well socialised kittens. None of our girl's live outside in pens, they have their own purpose built room, please see pictures below of their accommodation. We also have a new blue stud boy called Rocky who came to us from Elysor Bengals in Canada. He lives in a fully heated pen and he has lovely views of the garden. The girl's have a cat flap fitted to the conservatory which gives them access to a small run so they can enjoy the garden and get some fresh air whenever they like. So if you're looking for a Bengal of supreme quality then look no further. Our aims for the future are to try and produce blue snows, blue minks or even a blue charcoal.

Anyone wishing to enquire about future mating's or would like to be included on a wait list, please feel free to email us at fitton2ul@btinternet.com

We hope you will enjoy viewing our web site and look forward to hearing from you soon. You can view each individual cat in more detail on their own sub pages. 
April & Lisa